Over the years, since 1991, DAJTI  has been successful as a company with diverse businesses. Today it stands as one of the 

leading business group in Kosovo.   

With its commitment to high standards in quality and production technology, DAJTI has created a niche for itself as a 

company associated with delivering high quality products.    

DAJTI started in 1991 as a major trading company in Pristina, with  a wide distribution network across Kosovo. Today, 

DAJTI  has many diversified businesses. 


The companyĺs businesses fall under the following daughter companies and activities: 


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DAJTI Construction Frames 1998

DAJTI Nikopol 2002

CO.E.MA 2003

DAJTI  Perla 2003



DAJTI Construction Frames 1998

Manufacturing of 

´    PVC & Aluminium windows and doors

´    Italian Thermo Glass. 

´    Glass decorations

´    Capacity of 100m2 per man day 

DAJTI Nikopol 2002

Manufacturing of Polyurethane

´    Residential furniture frames

´    Commercial furniture

´   Capacity of 250 pieces per day

´    JV with NIKOPOL SRL Italy

CO.E.MA 2003

Construction and Engineering  Management

´     350  manpower management 

´     Construction of  large buildings -EU funded projects

´     Management of establishments 

´     Retail Distribution Management


DAJTI  Perla 2003

Manufacturing of  Washing Detergent

´18,500 m2 warehouse and factory space

´   2 tons per hour manufacturing capacity

´ Industrial and household  detergent

´ State of the art Italian production and process

´   All PERLA variants comply with international and European standards

DAJTI Helvetica 2003

Infusion bottles and sacs

´     Distribution of  B. Braun range of medicines

´    Distribution of Swiss made Infusion bottles

2003 - DAJTI Helvetica

In 2003, Dajti also set up another joint venture company called Dajti Helvetica

The joint venture is with a Swiss based company. Dajti Helvetica will market and sell infusion bottles and medical supplies in the Kosovo market. 

DAJTI Klima 2003

Industrial Fans Production

´     Industrial axial and roof fans

´     2,500 m2  surface area with 65 machines

2003 - DAJTI  Klima

With the advent of Privatization in Kosovo, DAJTI participated in the event and took control of the state owned factory for making fans.

Today Dajti has converted the factory to make:

  • Engineering works

  • Industrial Axle fans

  • Promotion/ In store/ Point of purchase shelves and stands

DAJTI Construction Frames 1998

DAJTI Nikopol 2002

CO.E.MA 2003

DAJTI  Perla 2003