DAJTI Nikopol



DAJTI Nikopol 2002

Manufacturing of Polyurethane

    Residential furniture frames

    Commercial furniture

   Capacity of 250 pieces per day

    JV with NIKOPOL SRL Italy

 Some of the furniture elements that Dajti  Nikopol makes are:

Bed Rooms


Dining Rooms


Lounge/ Living  Rooms

Bed Frames



Mirror frames

Dressing sets 


Dining Table Frames

Dining Chair Frames

Chest of Drawers


Centre Table Frames

Side Table Frames

Lounge Frames

Chair frames



2002 - DAJTI Nikopol

In 2002, Dajti set up a joint venture with the Italian company Nikopol SRL, which saw a new line of production in a new factory. Nikopol, has over 20 years of experience in the production of polyurethane furniture elements.

All our raw materials, moulds, training, technology and expertise has been imported from Nikopol Poliuretani Srl, Italy.  

Dajti Nikopol Company manufactures various models of furniture elements made from Polyurethane. 

Today more than 90% of the production is exported all over Europe, Asia and the Balkan countries. (Click to see samples of products)



DAJTI Construction Frames 1998

DAJTI Nikopol 2002

CO.E.MA 2003

DAJTI  Perla 2003