signifies purity, luxury, and beauty.   

is a detergent that will offer you purity in cleaning, Luxury in the way your clothes will feel after you wash with Perla and restoration of the beauty of your worn clothes.

Located in Lipjan, the factory is setup on approximately 3,400 sq. meters of floor area and has the latest detergent making technology and machines from Italy.

The brand of detergents is presented in 5 different variants.

All the detergents have a pleasant perfume that will make your clothes smell extra fresh and give them a new life.

PERLA MAGICwith special enzymes to soften, brighten and liven the laundry

DAJTI  2003

Manufacturing of  Washing Detergent

     18,500 m2 warehouse and factory space

      2 tons per hour manufacturing capacity

     Industrial and household  detergent

     State of the art Italian production and process

   All PERLA variants comply with international and European standards

  PERLA is launched in 5 variants

PERLA COLORwith  enzymes to arrest running colors and brighten the laundry


2003 - DAJTI


In 2003, DAJTI setup a new factory for Detergents on a new land base of 3,800 sq. meters. 


The factory has a capacity to manufacture 2 tons per hour.


DAJTI launched 4 variants at the end of last year and have recently introduced a new variant in the market.


These detergents are being marketed in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia markets for the time being and plans are underway to launch the brand in Slovenia, Bulgaria and neighboring markets in the next quarter.

PERLA FRESHan all purpose quality automatic detergent.


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PERLA IDEALa super hand wash detergent.

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Prishtina, Kosova UNMIK            Lipjan, Kosova UNMIK

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PERLA AUTOMATa basic good quality automatic detergent



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